Flexible simulation environment with intuitive and easy to use schematic capture

Silicon proven and industry compatible

High quality EDA tool at the
right price

Symica has all major capabilities of modern IC development suite

Integrated circuit design


Symica is an Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tool for the analog and mixed-signal integrated circuit design.

Symica has all major capabilities of modern IC development suites. Easy accommodation of different Process Development Kits (PDK) as well as affordable and flexible pricing makes Symica an attractive solution for startups and independent researchers.
Mid-size and well-established semiconductor companies can find Symica as a cost-saving solution for expanding their design forces in addition to limited license sets from major EDA vendors.
Symica key features:
  • Intuitive and easy to use schematic capture.
  • Ability to select analog behavioral, digital or transistor-level views.
  • Flexible simulation environment.
  • Compatibility with industry standard SPICE netlists, models and analysis features.
  • Verilog-A behavioral modeling.
  • Accuracy for critical analog circuits tested against industry proven standards on more than 1700 test cases.
  • Powerful waveform viewer.
Why adopt Symica?
  • Complete solution for analog and mixed-signal IC designer.
  • Accurate circuit simulation.
  • Analog, behavioral and digital mixed-mode simulation.
  • Industry compatible: easy import-export of entire design.
  • Silicon proven.
  • Competitive and flexible pricing.

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