Symica IC design toolkit

Using Symica EDA toolkit you can go through the whole flow of integrated circuits design. It is a powerful platform that consist of schematic editor, SPICE simulator, waveform viewer/analyzer and other additional features.

Explore Symica products listed on this page and recognize their functionality and benefits:

Symica DE

Symica Design Environment integrates all the tools necessary for circuit design and simulation — library manager, schematic editor, symbol editor, hierarchy editor, simulation environment, input/output translators, etc. — and allows the user to manage the operation of the various components. The design environment also facilitates the preparation and execution of simulations and the inspection and interpretation of simulation results.

SymSpice screenshotSymSpice is an original SPICE circuit simulator completely developed by the Symica R&D team. SymSpice provides simulation speed and accuracy at the "golden" SPICE level. SymSpice supports all commonly used transistor models and is compatible with industry-standard netlist formats.

SymSpice Turbo is specially designed to work with very large scale integrated circuits and system on chips. In recent years several Fast-Spice tools have appeared on the market and they trade speed for accuracy. Symica's proprietary math methods provide accurate Fast-Spice simulation maintaining accuracy at "golden" SPICE level. Simulation time reduction factor is highly dependent on the type of design and in "typical" designs involving several thousand transistors it is about 3 to 10 and in an exceptional case we can find a factor up to 1,000.

SymProbeSymProbe is a waveform viewer and analog simulation result analyzer. SymProbe offers all the functions designers expect in a convenient graphical interface.

SymProbe features:

  • viewing results for TRAN, DC, AC, SWEEP, Monte Carlo
  • customizable views of multiple plots
  • multiple X/Y axes in one plot
  • flexible X/Y adjustment of axes
  • measurement cursor
  • waveform drag-and-drop operations
  • enhanced printing functionality with vector EMF waveform output

symbol wizardThe generator helps you create libraries with symbols of the primitive devices (such as MOS and bipolar transistors, diodes, resistors, etc.) for your particular technology process in Symica format from SPICE model decks format. Intuitive, user-friendly interface with powerful customization makes generation of the primitive device’s symbols clear and efficient.

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