Symbol Wizard — PDK generator

symbol wizardThe generator helps you create libraries with symbols of the primitive devices (such as MOS and bipolar transistors, diodes, resistors, etc.) for your particular technology process in Symica format from SPICE model decks format. Intuitive, user-friendly interface with powerful customization makes generation of the primitive device’s symbols clear and efficient.

The Primitive’s symbol generation wizard allows you to specify a list of model files and choose required sections for generation. The generator extracts model/sub-circuit descriptions from SPICE netlists and creates corresponding cells and symbols in your Symica library. For each model/sub-circuit description, you can assign a symbol view from existing libraries or create it manually.

This 'first in the industry' tool will let you create Primitive’s symbol libraries from spice models quickly and efficiently.

Symbol Wizard is a part of Symica IC design toolkit. You can fill in the form and get trial version of Symica IC design toolkit here.

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