Symica DE — circuit design environment

Symica DE

Symica Design Environment integrates all the tools necessary for circuit design and simulation — library manager, schematic editor, symbol editor, hierarchy editor, simulation environment, input/output translators, etc. — and allows the user to manage the operation of the various components. The design environment also facilitates the preparation and execution of simulations and the inspection and interpretation of simulation results.

Symica Schematic Editor offers a friendly and intuitive user interface with a full set of must-have features that allows for quick and easy entry of schematics and easily handles complex mixed-mode and multi-voltage projects.

Main features:

  • commonly used design structure, organized around libraries, cells and cell views
  • mixed-mode design with multiple views: schematic, symbol, config, functional (Verilog HDL), Verilog-A, spicenl (SPICE-netlist)
  • creation of parametric cells
  • hierarchical navigation
  • design and electrical rules check with double-click positioning on errors
  • enhanced printing functionality with vector Enhanced Metafile (EMF) schematic output

Advanced features:

  • multi-option search and replace
  • auto-wiring option
  • on-canvas editing
  • multi-object property editing

Input formats:

  • HSPICE® netlist and model decks
  • Spectre® netlist and model decks
  • Verilog-A description
  • Verilog HDL description
  • SKILL® description of graphical designs

Output format:

  • SPICE netlist
  • SKILL® description of graphical designs
  • EMF format of schematic

You will find system requirements here.

Symica DE is a part of Symica IC design toolkit. You can fill in the form and get trial version of Symica IC design toolkit here.

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