SymProbe — waveform viewer

SymProbeSymProbe is a waveform viewer and analog simulation result analyzer. SymProbe offers all the functions designers expect in a convenient graphical interface.

SymProbe features:

  • viewing results for TRAN, DC, AC, SWEEP, Monte Carlo
  • customizable views of multiple plots
  • multiple X/Y axes in one plot
  • flexible X/Y adjustment of axes
  • measurement cursor
  • waveform drag-and-drop operations
  • enhanced printing functionality with vector EMF waveform output

Advanced features:

  • waveform calculator with more than 50 operations
  • special data processing: Fourier transform, eye diagrams, histograms
  • fast redrawing of large-dataset waveforms

Input formats:

  • APB (internal Symica format)
  • CSV
  • CSDF

SymProbe is a part of Symica IC design toolkit. You can fill in the form and get trial version of Symica IC design toolkit here.

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