Our company has many years of experience in the field of SPICE model parameters extraction. Extraction is carried out on the basis of the test structure measurements provided by customer.

The following data might require to provide extraction:
  • I-V characteristics;
  • C-V characteristics;
  • noise characteristics;
  • S-parameters;
  • frequency of the ring oscillator;
  • other.
Our specialists have experience in extraction parameters for the following models:
  • Power electronics:
    • Diodes,
    • IGBT, DMOS and other transistors,
    • Power modules.
  • Microelectronics:
    • МОS transistors: BSIM3, BSIM4, BSIMSOI, EKV2.6, EKV3, MOS3, PSP, HiSIM HV.
    • Bipolar transistors: BJT Gummel-Poon, VBIC, HICUM, MEXTRAM.
    • Diodes, RF voltage-dependent capacitor and varactor diode.

Modification of existing models is possible, e.g. in order to extend the temperature range. For such models modification of the extraction procedure is required. It is possible to extract SPICE model parameters to simulate statistical dispersions. Data for statistical dispersion can be obtained during Process Control Monitor in fab.

The resulting model decks can be used to provide following types of analysis:
  • direct current (.DC, .OP);
  • transient (.TRAN);
  • alternating current (.AC, .NOISE);
  • Monte Carlo (.MC);
  • harmonic balance (.HB).

The SPICE parameters we provide are compatible with the required industrial standard simulator: HSPICE, Spectre.

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