Silicon proven

Symica EDA tools main application areas:

  1. Chip design:
    • multi-bit and high speed analog circuits requiring long test sequences, e.g. ADC/DAC, PLL, etc;
    • mixed signal analog-to-digital conversion projects, e.g. high speed interfaces;
    • large digital circuits that requires analog simulation to enable reaching peak performance;
    • any kind of analog IPs.
  2. Large circuits and System on Chip verification and testing.
  3. Postlayout circuit simulation.

There are already hundreds of commercial chips designed and manufactured by Symica customers and beta-testers, including: Low Power ADC 8 bit/100KHz, 10 bit/10MHz…40MHz, 16 bit, DAC 10-16 bit, USB 2.0, various different high speed controllers, and more. The typical transistor count in the chips where the acceleration rate is noticed is approximately 10K to 300K elements. The principal technologies applied: CMOS 250 - 65 nm. Primarily fabricated at: SilTerra, TSMC, X-Fab. Most projects were designed using Cadence® PDKs supplied by the foundries and converted into Symica's environment.

Already to date there are numerous circuits simulated with SymSpice with approximately two thousand of these used for regression testing on each new SymSpice version.

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