SymProbe technology


So far there are many waveform viewers supplied by EDA vendors either as a part of the simulation package or as a separate tool. In majority of the cases SPICE vendors include waveform viewer as a mandatory part of their simulation package. SymProbe offers the convenient GUI and the most functionality of all analog waveform viewers. As SymProbe is going with Fast-Spice simulator it must allow processing of very long simulation sequences. The proprietary SymProbe format is specially designed to provide the least visualization time while processing huge waveform data sets.

Commonly used analog viewers keep all data sets of visible waveforms in computer memory. However just one waveform may contain tens and even hundreds of millions of points. It may take considerable time to visualize such a waveform even if you got enough computer memory to open it. Unlike commonly used viewers SymProbe does not read the whole data set but only works with visible values. SymProbe dynamically downloads necessary data dramatically reducing necessary computer memory. Hopefully dynamic downloading algorithm does not slow down considerably the major data processing operations. Conversely some of the operations become faster. For example opening the file with size 1,9GB on hard drive which contains 5 waveforms normally requires about 2GB of the computer memory. Opening this file with SymProbe will require only 7,6MB.

Time table of data processing operations and computer memory used*.

Viewer File size Points Open Add 1 trace Zoom Zoom All Add 5 traces Zoom Zoom All
Memory used
SymProbe 1,9GB 42.423.485 2s 11s 35s 25s 24s 35s 28s
7.623 KB
used viewer
1,9GB 42.423.485 47s 1m4s 2m16s 15s n/a n/a n/a
2.022.526 KB

*paging file was not used.

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